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Odfjell Drilling – Global Standard project

Keywords: IFS ERP, Mega, Oil service industry, Roll-out Responsible, Maintenance, Procurement & Logistics, Enterprise Architecture

The objective

The Global Standard project is a global implementation of IFS Oil & Gas ERP Application in Odfjell Drilling. The key objectives of the project are to improve business predictability and control through process improvements and standardization. The project covers the process areas maintenance, procurement and logistics, hire-out, strategic and operational HR, finance, project control, document management and case management.

The consultants from Akselera provided valuable experience with ERP implementation in Oil&Gas, and have supported Odfjell Drilling from start to finish in our Global Standard project. The combination of senior project management experience, ERP/IFS competence and Oil&Gas business process knowledge has been an important contribution in our project

Tor Tjeldnes, Chief Information Officer

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Altia Plc

Keywords: Receivable management, Sale of receivables, SAP, SOR

With Akselera´s services, Altia ensured optimal receivables management processes and technical functionalities locally in Finland and in foreign subsidiaries.

The best part of cooperation with Akselera was their ability to understand what we wanted to achieve and then based on the defined scope, come up with a workable and extendable technical solution …

Tuula Hatakka, Group Treasurer, Altia

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Wihuri Oy Aarnio

Keywords: E-services, E-commerce, Retail

One of the largest wholesale operators in Finland, Wihuri Oy Aarnio, has initiated a strategic program to develop customer experience and service quality through modern e-services.

… Especially, I am pleased with Akselera's inspiring and systematic work approach. They are able to adapt new ways of working and manage progression disciplined…

Juha Mattila, Divisional Director, Wihuri Oy Aarnio

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Brynild – Integration of palletizer system

Keywords: SAP, SAP, PI-PCS, Production, MES, SSCC, Handling unit, Reporting

The objective

The objective with the project was to integrate the palletizer system with SAP and automate the production reporting in SAP.

Brynild Gruppen is working actively to increase the level of automation in their factories. This project was an important step in that direction. Akselera bridged the gap between SAP ERP and physical process execution and made important contribution to achieving the overall project objectives.

Viggo Ersøybakk

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Institute for Energy Technology – SAP implementation for Xofigo

Keywords: SAP ERP (SD, MM, WM, PP-PI, QM, Batch Management), Pharmaceutical industry

The objective

The objective with the project was to set up SAP as system support for Xofigo production.

Akselera has provided expert advice and configuration during the implementation and deployment of the new business processes supporting the Xofigo production. The Akselera resources have a strong commitment to adding value to our business processes and transfer their competency to IFE employees. IFE can strongly recommend Akselera for future projects.

John Petter Kvalvik, ERP Manager

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Petroleum Geo Services (PGS) - BRIDGE

Keywords: IFS ERP, Procurement, Logistics, maintenance, Backdeck, Asset Mgt, Oil service industry

The objective

The project objective was to harmonise business processes across PGS Operations worldwide, and to implement IFS ERP to support the new processes.

Akselera was our advisor through the entire implementation project. We could not have carried out this important project without their valuable business understanding and expertise with ERP implementations. I would not hesitate to recommend AKSELERA as an advisor to other companies in the process of planning or implementing an ERP solution.

Magne Reiersgard, Executive Vice President Marine Contracts (earlier Operations)

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Petroleum Geo Services (PGS) - Exchange ERP

Keywords: Oracle Fusion ERP, Hyperion, Oil service industry

The objective

Implement new financial system solutions in PGS globally.  The solutions implemented were Oracle Fusion and Oracle Hyperion planning.  Main modules were Financials, Project Management, Forecasting and Reporting.  Focus was to establish a global, robust, user friendly, cost- and process effective solution.

We are proud to be one of the first Nordic users on the new Oracle technology. We have delivered a tough project with success, and I am grateful for the strong contributions by internal and external project participants.

Gottfred Langseth, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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